Tech Talker

Davis Orders speaks a new language

By Steven Tingle
FEBRUARY 26, 2013

Davis Orders speaks a new language


Many of the words that come out of Davis Orders’s mouth sound like gibberish—I/O configuration, embedded RISC, COM express, RJ45 connectors. But Orders knows what he’s talking about. As a business development representative for Sealevel Systems, a Liberty-based technology company, Orders’s daunting task is to find organizations—whether a mining company, a hospital system, or the Department of Defense—and develop ways they can utilize Sealevel’s products. “I talk to some pretty smart people,” says Orders, who is a 2007 graduate of Greenville High with a business degree from Presbyterian College. “Sealevel has over 300 products,” he says, “it’s a big learning curve.” Despite his age, Orders is all business and speaks with knowledge, confidence, and clarity. But when asked to describe his job title, he ditches the business-card vernacular and lays it out straight: “I’m the go-getter. I find the opportunities.”


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